HiArc 200M Welding System Manufactured for Fellow Made in The Midlands Member

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Robotic systems integrator Bauromat UK Limited has manufactured and installed one of its standard welding systems in the UK headquarters of Clamason Industries, a European leader in the manufacture of precision pressings and stampings, and fellow MIM member.

The HiArc 200M will assist Clamason Industries in the production of a part designed and produced for a leading name within the automotive industry, welding together three components to form a small pressing assembly.

Part of a larger series of standard systems available with differing rotary manipulators, the HiArc 200M is manufactured integrating a manual turntable which the operator must load and rotate into the system for the process to begin. The Kawasaki BA006N, having been programmed by Bauromat’s expert robotic engineers, then follows a programmed weld path, forming the complete part.

the full system profile available through this link.

This installation marks a landmark for Bauromat as this system is the first produced for a Made in The Midlands member, while also a member of the same scheme itself.

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