Can You Finance an Automated System?

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Automation can be an expensive investment, particularly for those companies new to the process. But with the correct implementation, it can guarantee profitability and we're keen for companies to flourish, particularly in these testing times.That's why, to answer the question posed at the start of this article, we can proudly state that 'yes, robotic systems can be financed'. 

We want to be able to help businesses regardless of the size of their wallets, which is why offering finance on systems is a no brainer. This means that there are no limits to companies that can introduce robotics and automation, from the small fabrication shops looking to dip a toe into the future of manufacturing, to the car plant with dediciated lines of robots, whatever type of company you are, automation is not out of the equation. 

Like financing a car, financing for a robotic system takes the upfront monetary burden some companies face and staggers payments over an agreed period. Not only does this mean the customer will keep money in their own pocket, but with the introduction of automation, consistency and output increase, in turn resulting in more money.

Take HiArc Compact as an example. An ideal cell to be used for automation training or for small, low production run offs. For the base model, the system totals around £45,000 (this includes a basic set up of robot, weld set and static table, all guarded). 


  • 10% deposit
  • £200 per month
  • (£29 per day)

Please note, finance options are available on systems no matter what size or scale - subject to terms and conditions. 

In black and white, those numbers are extremely reasonable, and for quipment, which you will recieve training on,develop new skills with, and make money from, it's a choice that all areas of manufacturing should consider. If you're interested in finding out more, then don't hesitate to get in touch with ou sales team today. 

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