Bauromat set to launch an all-new robotic system at the upcoming Robotics & Automation exhibition

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Telford-based robotic & automation systems integrator is set to launch an all-new robotic system at the upcoming Robotics & Automation exhibition later this month.

Called BAURO-MATE, the system is a flexible automation solution which separates robot from application, making it a suitable for all areas of manufacturing.

Designed in two halves, the BAURO-MATE makes it easier than ever to change applications without the need for an entirely new robotic system, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

With one-half housing the robot and control, and the other the application, the two are joined using a precision docking system and securely locked in place. What’s more, heavy-duty castors make it far easier and quicker to move into position and can be done with minimal effort.

“This is about making automation available for all applications, not just a select few,” said Managing Director John D’Angelillo.

“It’s a brilliant system, with countless possibilities that we see as an excellent way to grow automation. From machining tending and assembly to more obscure applications like ultra-sonic welding and foam sealing, all can be done with BAURO-MATE.”

BAURO-MATE can be designed for one application or multiple, depending on the customer’s preferences and demands. And if the customer struggles to undertsand what’s needed, with the guidance of Bauromat, who have over 20 years of experience with robotics and automation, the correct solution can be found.

In some circumstances, for instance, BAURO-MATE doesn’t need a custom application half whatsoever, there may already be a process that simply requires robotic assistance. From CNC machine tending to conveyor lines, all that is required is to position the robot half where automation is needed, and it’s done.

“The design really creates flexibility for the customer. Bang for their buck. And being able to move the robot around from machine to machine, or change application really opens more and more opportunities said D’Angelillo.

Fully configurable and fully scalable, the BAURO-MATE can be designed with a variety of options and features to suit the required automation process. With quick & easy installation, ultimate flexibility and suited for endless applications, BAURO-MATE is the perfect system for all corners of the industry.

Bauromat’s BAURO-MATE will be on show at Robotics & Automation later this month, for more information, get in touch.

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