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Did you know that figures published in 2019 put the United Kingdom as the only G7 nation with robotic density figures below the global average? In fact, the UK is not even in the top 20, 8 below the global average of 99 (robots per 10,000 manufacturing employees), and behind countries such as Austria, Slovenia, and Slovakia. 

For a nation that prides itself on its innovation, global leadership and history as a manufacturing driving force, it can make for grim reading, particularly when you consider that in the current pandemic, automation is a great solution to ensure work can continue while staff are socially distant and protected. Without it, the UK could fall behind even further.

As a provider of robotic and automation solutions, we are working to change that.  We’re encouraging companies to see automation in a positive light by guiding them to the correct solution for their processes. 

“It’s a mindset thing,” says Bauromat Managing Director John D’Angelillo

“Companies are happy with the way things have been done and always think ‘we’ve done it this way for so long, why change?’. But there are new ways into automation, with government grants and finance options available.”

Bauromat is trying to change that mindset and highlight that the negative press surrounding automation is not true. Robots don’t bring doom, gloom and unemployment, but instead help improve efficiency, productivity and consistency. 

To get this message across, Bauromat regular presents to a range of lobbying groups, politicians and manufacturing bodies, students, graduates, and industry professionals about the benefits of automation and why the UK finds itself so far behind. Only by driving the message home can we begin to see a real change in the industry and use automation to push the UK economy forward again. 

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