Bauromat Continues Manufacturing Relationship with High Energy Waste Industry

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Telford based robotic & automation systems integrator, Bauromat UK, is excited to confirm that it is currently manufacturing a welding system that will be used within the high energy waste industry.

The project is a follow-up order from a leading name within the industry who were looking to add further robotic welding systems to suit their manufacturing needs.

The order comes almost a year after the first system was installed onsite and continues to manufacturer products for the end customer.

"This project really shows the levels of Bauromat's engineering abilities" said Technical Director, Paul Tilley.

"Not only are we known for our range of standard cells, adaptable to multiple jobs, but we are also being recognised for our ability to design and manufacture bespoke systems, and this follow up order emphasises that"

The project is one of the largest bespoke systems produced by Bauromat and includes two Yaskawa handling robots, programmed for arc welding. Both robots sit independently on carriages that travel along an additional vertical and horizontal axis giving both robots eight axes of movement.

As well as this, the system has been designed with three completely bespoke sets of tooling and fixtures that will house the manipulated product during the welding process, giving the completed system a total of 21 total axes.

For more information and a greater look at the system, read the the in-depth post on Bauromat's all new website here. 


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