Bauromat Delivers on Automotive Suppliers' Urgent Requirements

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Telford-based robotic solutions provider Bauromat UK Limited has successfully delivered and installed two automated arc welding solutions for a Midland’s based Tier 1 automotive supplier and fellow MIM member looking to manage increased demand.

With the projects launched as the UK gradually came out of the first lockdown earlier this year, it has taken Bauromat just 18 weeks to design, manufacture, programme, commission and now install both robotic systems which are poised to start production in a matter of days.

“It’s been a tough but rewarding project” said Operations Manager David Samuel

“Traditional projects would normally be looking at upward of 25,30 even 40 weeks in some cases, but twinned with the limitations and additional safety requirements COVID has created, I’m incredibly proud of the team to be able to do this”.

Working on two sections of the same VW Audi vehicle parts, the systems are result of increased demand for the UK-based manufacturer and will help take the pressure of the existing system in order to meet the increase in volume.

Featuring a total of three Kawasaki robots and industry leading welding equipment from Fronius, the Bauromat systems also feature an easy to use HMI interface designed in-house and full of a range of industry 4.0 technologies.

The installation of these two systems follows another successful project, installed earlier this year. Although not expected to begin production until early next year, the previous project is another arc welding system manufactured to produce parts used by Nissan, highlighting Bauromat’s prowess in the field.

With three projects primed and ready for operation, it is an exciting time for the Bauromat as it continues to assist the Tier 1 supplier with all its automated welding requirements.

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