Automation Doesn't Have to Always Mean Robotics


A common misconception is that automation relies on robotics. 

While robots can be an invaluable investment, improving quality and productivity when working at their finest, automated systems without robots can be just as important, offering the same level of quality, at a fraction of the cost. 

One of our latest projects was exactly that  - An automated multi-welder that has been designed and manufactured to projection weld two different parts. 

The customer? A fellow Made in The Midlands Member. The result? A multi-welder converted from an old standard projection welder

The customer had purchased an old system and required us to 'update' it, bringing it up to spec for their needs. This required the design and manufacture of tooling, all completely done in-house by our expert engineers. What was unique about this tooling though, was that despite being one unit, it can be used for both parts.

Due to the reconfiguration of the PLC and HMI panels, the system can be told which part is set to be welded and prepare itself accordingly, monitoring different clamps and sensors, ensuring the part is safe, secure and ready for the welding process. 

Like the monitoring of the parts, the system also tracks the condition of weld caps based on information input by the user and will notify and hold the system when caps require changing. 

While at times we are associated with robotics and complete systems containing all the bells and whistles, it's nice to be able to present a system of equal complexity that doesn't require robotics.

For more on automation and how the system cam together and works, read the full summary here.



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