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For over 20 years, Bauromat has served countless industries with fully turnkey systems for applications including automated welding, material handling, machining and bonding techniques.

Everything from design and prototyping to manufacture and commissioning are executed by Bauromat’s skilled team of dedicated designers, engineers and fitters.

Bauromat boasts a range of standard system concepts, that can be adapted to suit the specific needs of the customer. Bespoke systems and tooling can also be designed and manufactured, if your application requires a different approach to what Bauromat’s standard concepts provide.


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-  Material Handling

-  Automated Welding

-  Bonding Techniques

-  Machining & Cutting

Prototyping & Trials

An automated robotic system is a large investment. Therefore, to ensure the customer is happy with the end product, Bauromat can provide weld trials and product prototyping to customers before any order has been placed. This ensures the customer is happy with the outcome of their product and that Bauromat overcome potential issues at as early a stage as possible.

Fixtures & Tooling

Fixtures & Tooling are a key part of any welding system, and while Bauromat design and manufacture unique tooling for any system, it can still produce these key components as stand-alone products. With years of experience, our designers use the latest CAD software to create the customer’s tooling, with their product at the core of its design.


Full service can be provided by Bauromat. Utilizing its approved partnership with leading robot brands and welding power source suppliers, Bauromat can help the customer with any number of issues they may experience. 

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